This bookstore startup resulted from a lifetime of devoted readership and of long-term entrepreneurial endeavor. After a career spanning more than 40 years, this bookstore allows the owner the indulgence of living in the midst of good books. The owner of Arts & Letters has lived to make a difference in the world through better writing, better editing, better business, and a better balance between going to work and being at home. Arts & Letters allows her to share my life and love of reading with customers who are very much like her.

We want customers to be able to find a book, buy it right now, and read it immediately. We offer new books for children and adults. Our inventory includes literary fiction, nonfiction, current events, biographies, history, mystery, science fiction and fantasy, essays, plays, and poetry, and children’s literature. In addition, Arts & Letters offers greeting cards, teas, and unique items you won’t find anywhere else.